Child Protection Policy



Cufa supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in accordance with Article 25, where “childhood is entitled to special care and assistance”, Cufa is committed to ensuring the safety, privacy and well-being of all children.

This policy deals with the rights of children who are associated with Cufa and/ or are beneficiaries of any of Cufa’s projects. Cufa aims to create a safe and respectful workplace and the following guidelines outline the responsibilities and behaviour of all board members, employees, interns, volunteers, contractors or agents (“representatives”) of Cufa when working with children.

Underlying Principles


This policy applies to:

In this policy each person in the categories listed above is referred to as a ‘Cufa representative’.

Reports of any suspected or alleged instances of child abuse can also be made by members of the public/members of the community.

Cufa requires all partners to agree to and adhere to this Child Protection Policy and Reporting Misconduct Towards Children Policy. Both policies will be a standard provision of any partnership arrangement, including but not limited to through MoU’s or other agreements as stated in the Development Partner Relationships Policy. The Child Protection Policy is publicly available on the Cufa website.

Staff and Volunteer Recruitment and Screening for Child Related Employment

Child Protection Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is to be followed at all times when working with children.

All Cufa representatives are responsible for their behaviour towards children. In the instance a child instigates any of the activities below, the Cufa representative is still accountable for their own actions and must not encourage or participate in conduct that is detrimental to the mental or physical health of a child.

The onus is on the Cufa representatives to use common sense and avoid actions or behaviours that could be construed as child exploitation and/or abuse.

A Cufa employee must accompany all Cufa visitors to Cufa projects sites relating to children.

All Cufa representatives will:

All representatives of Cufa will not:

Promotional Material Regarding Children

Cufa has detailed guidelines on the use of promotional material in our communications. Refer to the Use of Images and Promotional Material Policy .

Guidelines for Reporting Misconduct Towards Children

Cufa has a detailed complaints procedure for reporting any suspected or alleged instances of child abuse. Refer to the Reporting Misconduct Towards Children Policy , including mandatory reporting to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Training in Child Protection

Training in child protection is essential to ensure that employees are aware of their obligations and legal requirements. Ongoing training also provides a chance for employees to be updated on new developments and changing policy requirements.

Local legislation

Each country office is required to abide by local legislation, including labour laws with regard to child labour. Every country in the world except one (United States of America) has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.