Children’s Financial Literacy Program

Cufa has reached over 90,000 children across Cambodia and Myanmar through our Financial Literacy Program.

The program began in 2008 and teaches children how to save, spend, and budget their money. 

Khut Phoeun is a 65 year old Grandmother who is the primary caregiver of her two grandsons, Borey and Phearun* (pictured below). This living arrangement is the only option for the boy’s parents, who cannot earn enough money in the rural village that they work in to support the whole family.

Khut was surprised one day however when the two boys came home and started to craft their own money boxes.

“Before the financial literacy was taught in their class, both children didn’t save money” Khut says of her first experience with Cufa.

“They liked to spend the little money they had on toys, unhealthy food, and other unimportant things.”

This story is not unique in the communities where we work. Cufa’s programs help to teach an understanding of money, and establish institutions for people to store their money, increase their wealth, and invest in the ideas of community members.

Economic development empowers people to break out of the cycle of poverty, creating a long lasting impact. 

Your generous support can create infinite value. Please support us and learn more about the impact you can have on vulnerable communities.

*Names have been changed