Empowering Women

Working in some of the most vulnerable communities of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Cufa empowers people to escape the cycle of poverty by providing mentorship, business training, and financial support for small business ideas.

This work is especially important for women who are otherwise even further disadvantaged by financial exclusion. 

Mean Savy* (pictured below) is a widow and single mother in Cambodia. Through personalised mentorship and hands-on business training received through Cufa’s projects, Mean has been able to increase her income by seven times.

Running her own small grocery store, she had originally been earning $2.50 a day. She is now earning $17.50 each day.

Mean is now better able to take care of her young child Sohka. The family tell us that they are able to eat higher quality food, afford a better standard of living, and have greater hope for the future.

This story is not unique in the communities where we work. Cufa’s programs help to teach an understanding of money, and establish institutions for people to store their money, increase their wealth, and invest in the ideas of community members.

Economic development empowers people to break out of the cycle of poverty, creating a long lasting impact. 

Your generous support can create infinite value. Please support us and learn more about the impact you can have on vulnerable communities.

*Names have been changed