About the Program

CUFA Cambodia / The University of Sydney Community Placement Program is an exciting opportunity to experience working social enterprises in Cambodia, to see the effective business model in action and to contribute your skills and knowledge to help local entrepreneurs improve their lives.

You will receive academic credit for being a part of the Community Placement Program with CUFA in Cambodia, through BUSS2503. The applications are open exclusively to the students of the University of Sydney.

Part of the Program you will spend 3-4 weeks in Cambodia, working with international aid agency CUFA’s team in our Phnom Penh office and in project sites in regional provinces.  You will learn about the challenges faced by ultra-poor communities in Cambodia and the work CUFA does to solve these challenges, improve lives and create sustainable futures.  You will help our impact grow by training and supporting a Village Entrepreneur.  You may also work on local savings groups and help us train and support the development of local financial services.  Along the way, you will work alongside CUFA staff, finding new ways to power up the impact and work on a problem that interests and challenges you!

Summer intensive applications: CLOSED. 

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Are You Eligible?

The University of Sydney has a set of criteria to determine whether you are eligible or not. Please, head out to The University of Sydney website to find out more.

Contact CUFA

Email your questions to info@cufa.org.au or call 1300 490 467.

What is the Deadline for Applications?

Summer intensive applications: CLOSED.

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