Article title Publication Date
May 2017
Seminar in Arawa to set pathway to address youth issues Papua New Guinea Post-Courier 25 May 2017
January 2017
Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity for Teachers to Cycle Cambodia and Combat Poverty Across the Asia-Pacific Media Release 24 January 2017


Article title Publication Date
September 2016
Mad day is coming soon & coincides with Anti Poverty Week 2016 September 2016
1 year of Count4kids Application: Impact on Cambodian kids CPA Australia September 2016
Bougainville- one year on September 2016


Article title Publication Date
July 2016
Promoting International Development through Credit Unions Co-operative News 20 July 2016
Knowledge Is Power in the 2016 Telstra New South Wales Business Awards Telstra Business Awards 14 July 2016


Article title Publication Date
November 2015
CPA Australia and CUFA launch financial literacy app for Children in Cambodia  CPA Australia  13 Friday 2015
October 2015
Village Banking Model Helps Alleviate Poverty  Teachers Mutual Bank 07 October 2015
January 2015
Teachers supporting Teachers in Myanmar Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank 21 January 2015


Article title Publication Date
December 2014
Queenslanders employee gives back with international scholarship Queenslander Credit Union 8 December 2014
November 2014
Practice governance accountability PM tells meeting Mai Life 7 November 2014
Zero tolerance The Fiji Times 6 November 2014
PM stresses need for financial accountability Radio New Zealand International 6 November 2014
Congress reminds Pacific’s powerful allies Fiji Times Online 5 November 2014
Fiji PM stresses need for financial accountability Radio New Zealand 5 November 2014
PM opens regional credit union meet with stern warning Fiji Broadcasting Federation 5 November 2014
Hon. Prime Minister keynote address at the 7th Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress The Fijian Government 5 November 2014
PM Bainimarama Pacific Islands News Association 4 November 2014 October 2014
Making a difference for International Credit Union Day Queenslander Credit Union 17 October 2014
June 2014
Lives changed from the ground up Connexus Winter 2014
CUFA Fijian Leadership Challenge 2014 NGS Super June 2014
Leadership Development Railways Credit Union June 2014
May 2014
Myanmar Teachers’ project -making dreams come true Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank 1 May 2014
Prestige number plates to be auctioned for charity Queenslander Credit Union 29 May 2014
April 2014
Appeal for the Solomon Islands Queenslander Credit Union 10 April 2014
Challenging yourself Connexus April 2014
A glass half full Connexus April 2014
March 2014
Mutuals support Philippines Typhoon Rebuild Teachers Mutual Bank 11 March 2014
January 2014
Jess' CUFA Fijian Leadership Challenge My Credit Union January 2014
Corporate Responsibility Market Scan January 2014


Article title Publication Date November 2013
Donations to assist those impacted by Typhoon Haiyan Summerland Credit Union 12 November 2013
Donate to the CUFA Typhoon Haiyan Appeal Queenslander Credit Union 11 November 2014
Vicki to ride through a Cambodian summer to support Cambodian kids The Northern Star 6 November 2013
8 Hours to Cambodia Summerland Credit Union 5 November 2013
We're MAD (Making A Difference) Queenslander Credit Union 1 November 2014
October 2013
CUFA bushfire appeal Summerland Credit Union 22 October 2013
Happy International Credit Union Day! Queenslander Credit Union 17 October 2013
August 2013
Kicking goals for Cambodian Kids Summerland Credit Union 1 August 2013
July 2013
Using football as a vehicle to a brighter future The Football Sack July 2013
Cambodia day five Summerland Credit Union 9 July 2013
Cambodia day four Summerland Credit Union 3 July 2013
Cambodia day three Summerland Credit Union 3 July 2013
Cambodia day two Summerland Credit Union 3 July 2013
June 2013
Cambodia day one Summerland Credit Union 25 June 2013
CUFA Challenge Update EECU June 2013
Paras cycles Cambodia to improve financial literacy for local people Greater Building Society 3 June 2013
April 2013
Getting back on the financial rails Connexus Autumn 2013
Myanmar project targets teaching Connexus Autumn 2013
The next chapter begins page Connexus Autumn 2013
Cyclist Pip in pursuit of charity goal in Cambodia CQUni News 15 April 2013
March 2013
Cycle of change: CUFA's Cambodia challenge Cycle Traveller 21 March 2013
January 2013
CUFA Cambodia Leadership Challenge My Credit Union January 2013
Social Return on Investment (SROI) Reporting Market Scan January 2013


Article title Publication Date
June 2012
Carly’s Cambodian Challenge Bank MECU 26 July 2012
June 2012
The personal rewards of giving back to the community Encompass Building Society 16 November 2012
Roads less travelled Connexus Winter 2012
Mutual MADness for a great cause Connexus Winter 2012
Rising to the challenge Connexus Winter 2012
Where credit’s due Connexus Winter 2012
May 2012
Stormy CUFA challenge teaches leadership Encompass Building Society 10 May 2012
Alanna returns from Fiji Challenge Merimbula News 16 May 2012
October 2012
International Credit Union Day Summerland Credit Union 19 October 2012
Making a connection Connexus Spring 2012
Life-changing investments Connexus Spring 2012
Pedal power Connexus Spring 2012
Your're invited Connexus Spring 2012
April 2012
Track record – CUFA’s commitment to Australia’s neighbours in the Pacific and SE Asia is achieving great results Connexus Autumn 2012
Tackling fraud in the Pacific Connexus Autumn 2012
Messages of success Connexus Autumn 2012
Building on a few dollars a day Connexus Autumn 2012
Raelene Monkley is bound for Cambodia Wauchope Gazette 14 March 2012


Article title Publication Date
December 2011
Jo moves out of her comfort zone in idyllic Fiji Western Advocate 29 December 2011
January 2011
Port Augusta’s Sarah Mayhew to tackle unique Fijian sojourn PR Wire January 2011
September 2011
Little by little Connexus Spring 2011
CUFA Fijian Leadership Challenge 2012 NGS Super January 2011
Honouring pioneers luminaries and leaders Connexus Spring 2011
In the footsteps of heroes Connexus Spring 2011
Measuring the threads of change Connexus Spring 2011
CUFA Leadership Challenge 2011 Gateway CU July 2011
Supporting a good cause Quay Credit Union July 2011
June 2011
Doing the neighbourly thing in PNG Connexus Winter2011
Beating the odds Connexus Winter2011
Development education goes to Timor-Leste Connexus Winter2011
Building professionalism in Cambodia Connexus Winter2011
April 2011
Trust and a Tractor Connexus Autumn 2011
Ready for a Challenge Connexus Autumn 2011
New businesses bring Hope Connexus Autumn 2011
CUFA Fijian Leadership Challenge 2011 Encompass Credit Union 6 April 2011
January 2011
Australia’s Mutuals Members Suffer from Floods Credit Union Insight 13 January 2011


Article title Publication Date
December 2010
Sharing skills in Cambodia Connexus Summer 2010
Uniting Pacific Mutuals Connexus Summer 2010
WOCCU visits Timor-Leste Connexus Summer 2010
September 2010
OCCUL the new Pacific Peak Body Connexus Spring 2010
Big benefits from small business Connexus Spring 2010
Tapping Timor’s spirit of growth Connexus Spring 2010
Banking on community Connexus Spring 2010
Life after darkness WOCCU 11 September 2010
CUFA Leadership Challenge 2010 Geteway CU July 2010
April 2010
Savings in the Solomons Connexus Autumn 2010
Support for budding business ideas Connexus Autumn 2010


Article title Publication
Date September 2009
Levels of learning Connexus Spring 2009
A balancing account Connexus Spring 2009
As good as gold Connexus Spring 2009
Witness to hope Connexus Spring 2009
June 2009
Heat rain exhaustion and laughter Connexus Winter 2009
Support where it counts Connexus Winter 2009
Pacific Development Connexus Winter 2009
April 2009
Helping Cambodian Children Connexus Autumn 2009
Support for Fiji CU Connexus Autumn 2009
Local women completes Kokoda trail fundraiser ABC Broken Hill 21 April 2009
Local women completes Kokoda trail fundraiser ABC Local radio 21 April 2009
Tough Track Tackled Barrier Daily Truth Broken Hill 21 April 2009
Red Cross thanks credit unions Chronicle 1 April 2009
January 2009
Making a ‘grasrut’ difference Connexus Summer 2009
CUFA Leadership Challenge 2009 Gateway Credit Union January 2009


Article title Publication
Date September 2008
CUFA supports East Timorese Connexus Spring 2008
Carbon copy: the business case for sustainability Connexus Spring 2008
Profits and Principles Connexus Spring 2008
MORE THAN Technical SUPPORT Connexus Spring 2008
Finance tips part of trip Illawarra Mercury 6 September 2008
CUFA Cambodian Leadership 2008  Gateway Credit Union September 2008
August 2008
Pedalling for good cause Bankstown Canterbury Torch 6 August 2008
Interview with Margot Sweeny ABC Local Radio Lismore August 2008
July 2008
Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress Connexus Winter 2008
Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress Microfinance Pasifika May 2008
Savings and Loans staff raise money for Cambodian credit unions  Savings and Loans news July 2008
January 2008
A notable exchange in Cambodia Connexus Summer 2008
Building trust Connexus Summer 2008
Financial literacy initiative Connexus Summer 2008

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