How We Alleviate Poverty and Create Infinite Value

Cufa helps to alleviate poverty in 4 key ways; Education, Enterprise, Employment, and Economic Institutions (Village Banks).

Cufa builds, supports and promotes village banks and financial cooperatives so that even those living in the most vulnerable communities are able to access affordable banking services.

Instead of just handing over money, Cufa teaches people how to use it wisely.

We help village entrepreneurs develop micro-businesses, providing employment opportunities and retaining income within the village.

Cufa also teaches young children how to save money so they are better equipped to avoid debt when they become adults. We provide the necessary training and resources to foster ethical and inclusive financial services, so that everybody in the village has the opportunity to save regardless of gender, ethnicity, mobility or relative wealth.

This approach increases the capacity of locals to lift themselves out of poverty, creating infinite value for millions of people and many future generations.

Your contribution will help us continue our work in highly vulnerable communities in the Asia Pacific, to create change that is long lasting and a necessary step towards empowering all people. 

We need your support now to be able to respond to the urgent needs of these communities. Compared to other charities, only a small percentage of your donation goes towards admin with the majority going straight to our programs.

Cufa is a registered charity and all gifts over $2 are tax deductible. Your information is protected using SSL security, & we will not share your details with a third party.