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Disaster Relief & Rebuilding

Cyclone Winston has left thousands displaced and destroyed much of Fiji’s infrastructure.

On Saturday evening, Cyclone Winston tore through Fiji, one of the worst storms ever to hit the region. Cyclone Winston has left taken lives, affected families, left countless people homeless, and destroyed much of Fiji’s infrastructure and telecommunications. Thousands of people are stranded and left without livelihoods.

Cufa has had a long and important relationship with Fiji, working with the local credit unions and community savings groups to provide access to reliable financial services and create sustainable futures for poor people in towns and regional areas. These projects have changed the lives of many, enabling them build their lives.

Cufa asked for support to rebuild Fiji and re-establish the economic livelihoods of locals – to help the local savings groups get back on their feet. For those that have been destroyed, Cufa will help them rebuild their place of business. For those that have had their records destroyed, Cufa will help with technical assistance. For those whose members have fallen into hardship, Cufa will help inject some capital for emergency micro-loans.

Thank you for supporting the people of Fiji in rebuilding their livelihoods.


When typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013, Cufa joined the Typhoon Haiyan Appeal to help raise the funds to support the people of the Philippines. The catastrophic damage caused in the Eastern Vistas resulted in 6,021 confirmed fatalities and 1,785 missing. Over 14 million people were affected across 46 provinces. The surrounding areas experienced prolonged isolation due to the extensive damage, and were consequently cut off from assistance. Being without power for weeks people found themselves on the edge of survival. Many of them lost their livelihoods, their homes and their family members.

In response to the devastation, Cufa’s Typhoon Haiyan Appeal helped to raise funds to assist those living in the most affected areas to help them get back on their feet. With the enormous support of the Australian Mutual movement and the Global Credit Union community, Cufa, in partnership with the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions and the Irish League of Credit Unions, raised over $260,000 USD. The funds were earmarked for the post-typhoon rehabilitation project aimed at assisting local affected credit unions in repairs to building structures, electrical and communications facilities, and equipment necessary to recover.

Because over 30,000 members of local cooperatives were unable to repay their loans, the Worldwide Council for Credit Unions became aware that the most effective way to aid in the recovery from such a disaster was to ensure credit union branches were up and running as soon as possible. This was important in bolstering community confidence and, ensuring that economic and social services reached the poor and people in need.

Cufa is grateful to everyone who supported joint efforts to aid the people of the Philippines fight the consequences of the disaster.