Our Impact
Creating Infinite Value through Employment

Another way that Cufa creates infinite value and alleviates poverty is through helping the poor and disadvantaged to gain employment.

In projects like the Social, Economic and Enterprise Development (SEED) project, Cufa supported and taught participants the necessary skills they needed to gain employment and effectively improve their income.

Cufa also provides employment skills training and practical, hands-on vocational training in projects like the Bougainville Youth Initiative, where Cufa provided targeted skills training and technical vocational education and training, including carpentry and other trade work.

Awareness: People with disabilities and concepts of gender have often been hidden out of sight and poorly understood by the larger community. Marginalised groups have lacked a voice, and it is only an increase in awareness of barriers which will prompt effective formation of strategies to combat discrimination.

Participation: “Nothing about us without us” has been a long held attitude in working with marginalised groups, and we believe that inclusion of those affected by barriers is absolutely necessary in finding an answer. Working alongside victims of discrimination fosters a change in public attitude and increases understanding of the issues affecting marginalised groups.

Comprehensive Accessibility: Impairments become less ‘disabling’ if society makes an effort to be completely accessible and remove any barriers, whether they be physical, communication, policy, or attitudinal.