Our Impact
Creating Infinite Value through Education

For many people, finding a way out of poverty is limited by their limited understanding of basic financial education skills (as well as their inability to borrow or access money).

Financial education is not just important to help us save for the future, but it helps us to effectively consider and control financial decisions, avoiding large and uncontrollable debts that can push people further into poverty.

Cufa teaches children from a young age how to save money so they are better equipped to avoid debt when they become adults. We also provide the necessary training and resources to foster ethical and inclusive financial services, so that everybody in the village has the opportunity to save regardless of gender, ethnicity, mobility or relative wealth. This approach increases the capacity of locals to lift themselves out of poverty, in effect, creating infinite value to millions of people.

Our financial education programs play an important role in helping to break the poverty cycle and creating infinite value.