Our Impact
Micro-Business Development
Micro-business development is one of the most important things we do to help individuals help themselves. Our Village Entrepreneur program works with the very poor, providing the skills and resources to help them bring extra income into the family unit through a micro-business (or small business). This empowers them to afford the basic necessities of life like a healthy diet, a good education for their children, health care and the ability to save for the future.

Cufa is committed to creating sustainable growth throughout the Asia Pacific Region and our Village Entrepreneur program supports people in rural villages to build or expand a micro-business, helping them achieve a better life. By providing the skills and knowledge to create sustainable income, we help people to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

In addition to providing our Village Entrepreneurs with funds to start up or expand their business, we also teach them how to manage their income,  and improve their products or services to increase sales. We provide business skills training and advice, ensuring a sustainable future for their business, and ultimately for their family.

Cufa’s guidance could be anything from how to vaccinate animals, to how to keep food surfaces clean, through to lessons on financial responsibility, savings accounts and marketing or promotional skills.

We have an impressive success rate with over 90% of our entrepreneurs reaching self-sufficiency in their first 3 years of sponsorship! This is only possible with the support of the generous individual investors of each Village Entrepreneurs, without which they wouldn’t have the financial means to be able to properly launch their business to start with.

The cashflow from micro-business development also helps to retain income within the local community leading to a stronger, flourishing village economy. This is how Cufa helps to create infinite value for rural families,  their local communities, and generations to come.

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