Our Impact
Cufa’s enterprise work refers to our support of small business and entrepreneurial efforts by our program participants.
Entrepreneurship is extremely important in the rural areas of many of the countries that Cufa operates as a large proportion of work lies in agriculture. Therefore, teaching communities business skills provides a great opportunity for sustainably increasing their income. The guidance that Cufa provides involves a rounded approach to different activities, from operational activities like how to vaccinate animals and keep surfaces clean, to business strategy activities like marketing and promotional skills, and starting cooperatives. Cufa’s Village Entrepreneur program has a key focus on enterprise, supporting people in rural villages to build or expand their small business. These entrepreneurs are provided with the skills and knowledge to create a sustainable income. Thus, they are able to create a sustainable business that lifts themselves and their families out of poverty. The cashflow from these small businesses also helps retain income within the local community leading to a stronger local economy. These skills are then passed down through their business over generations, reducing significantly intergenerational poverty. Find out more or support a Village Entrepreneur today VE.ORG.AU Current programs that incorporate enterprise: Village Entrepreneur | Credit Union Development | LEED