Bougainville Youth Initiative
Bougainville Youth Initiative

The goal of the Bougainville Youth Initiative was to address a major education gap and the subsequent unemployment issue that existed across Bougainville resulting from the Bougainville conflict which occurred from 1988 – 1998.

During this decade of civil conflict, a whole generation of children and teenagers were unable to go to school and missed out on an education. Cufa sought to bridge this education gap through the Bougainville Youth Initiative, in 4 ways.

Village Training-

This training helped participants to learn the skills and knowledge they needed to better manage their money. Education covered Financial Literacy, Life Skills, Employment Skills and Micro-Enterprise Development.

High school and on-the-Job training-

Targeted skills training was delivered to a variety of students from high school (grades 9-10), secondary schools (grades 11- 12) and Technical Vocational Education and Training Schools (TVETs).

Micro-enterprise Development-

Participants weren’t always able to gain employment so they set out to make their own small businesses in order to make money. Communities preferred to collaborate and work in groups on a business together. Cufa helped develop their skills and knowledge of micro-enter¬prise skills and experience.


The mentoring program was put in place after the village training workshops. Mentors shared their knowledge, skills and experience.

In May 2017, a hugely successful 3 day Youth Congress was held for young people and mentors as a forum to present and discuss new ideas.