Credit Union Development
Credit Union Development

We work with the world’s most vulnerable communities who lack access to safe and reliable financial services. With our Credit Union Development programme, we ensure that these needs are met.

Credit unions are community-owned financial institutions, usually run by local banks, facilitating safe access to loans, financial advice, and savings accounts with fair interest rates.

Since these credit unions are owned and run by community members, they have a greater capacity to identify and meet local financial needs. Any revenue that is generated goes back to benefit the community in different ways.

Through our credit union development programmes, we train community members on how to run these financial institutions. We empower them with skills like bookkeeping and basic financial concepts to help them provide better services to the community.

These banks also focus on increasing financial inclusion by creating Self-Help Groups (SHG) for disadvantaged groups like women and people with disabilities. These groups support these members and give them the platform to contribute to the local economy, enjoy greater confidence in controlling their personal and family finances, work on their leadership skills, and access better opportunities.