SRIRI Project
Strengthening Resettlement and Income Restoration Implementation (SRIRI) Cambodia

We are passionate about giving people a sense of hope for positive change. So, when the Asian Development Bank requested our support to restore hope in a displaced community, we didn’t hesitate.

We established the SRIRI programme in 2012 to help displaced families get back up on their feet. This was after the Cambodian government decided to rehabilitate an abandoned railway track where they had been living.

Though the displaced families were moved into a newly-established neighbourhood, this area had no essential services or any income opportunities. We got involved to assist these vulnerable families to find employment opportunities by providing them with financial skills and integrating them into the new community.

The SRIRI programme runs in three stages:

Stage 1 – Vocational placement strategy: Employment and vocational training Individuals are placed in jobs that match their skill sets and are provided debt relief, loans, and counselling. Groups are taught life skills, financial literacy, CV writing, and interview skills.

Stage 2 – Self-Help Groups: Training and support in financial concepts Self-Help Groups are established to encourage participants to begin saving in economic institutions for their future.

Stage 3 – Operations and maintenance: Cleanliness and sustainability We rain volunteers to monitor and repair the functionality of essential services such as water supply, drainage, waste management, road maintenance, and vegetation.

We have dedicated the SRIRI programme to provide displaced families with the necessary assistance to improve their livelihoods and live sustainably in new neighbourhoods.