Children’s Financial Literacy
Children’s Financial Literacy- Cambodia & Myanmar

Since it started in 2008, the goal of the Children’s Financial Literacy program has been to provide financial literacy lessons to poor and disadvantaged children 6–12 years old. In a fun and playful way, the classes teach and encourage children why and how to have good savings habits at a young age.

In the third year of the Children’s Financial Literacy program, Cufa’s field officers hold a stand-alone teacher education workshop with each school so that teachers are able provide regular support and encouragement to children’s savings habits.

Children’s Financial Literacy with PIO School

Starting in May 2016, Cufa expanded its Children’s Financial Literacy program with People Improvement Organisation (PIO) School in Phnom Penh. Many of the children who go to school at PIO used to live on or near a dump site. Funded by 100 Things ( this one-off, six month project sees Cufa working with hundreds of children at PIO to teach them about the importance of saving and using money wisely.