LEED Project
Livelihood, Enhancement for Economic Development (LEED) Cambodia

The goal of the LEED program is to strengthen the economic development and improve the lives of disadvantaged Cambodians, particularly those with disabilities. This program is across three provinces of Cambodia, Takeo, Svay Reing, and Kampong Chhnang. Cufa utilises opportunities through education, vocational training, and financial inclusion.

The program provides training through theory and real practice within areas such as animal raising and growing vegetables. Participants are also taught financial literacy, enabling them to obtain the skills to manage their money and grow a business. In addition to this, the program also empowers participants to join their local village savings bank. Being a member of the village bank provides access to affordable micro financing and a safe place to keep their savings.

At the culmination of the program, Cufa assists in the development of participant’s micro-enterprises based on their skills. Cufa continues to support and monitor the participant’s micro-enterprises to ensure they are successful and sustainable.