SRIRI Project
Strengthening Resettlement and Income Restoration Implementation (SRIRI), Cambodia

The aim of the SRIRI project was to assist poor, vulnerable families that had been relocated from unstable housing along disused railway track to newly established neighbourhoods with minimal services and limited economic opportunities. 


The Cambodian Government decided to rehabilitate the railway, and as a result the families who lived along the track needed support to restart their lives in a new location with ownership of the land they lived on. 


The Asian Development Bank engaged Cufa to assist displaced families by linking them to employment opportunities, providing financial skills, and to help with effectively integrating them into one of five new resettlement communities that the Cambodian Government was offering. 


The overarching goal of SRIRI was to provide displaced community members with all the important tools so they could live sustainably and have improved livelihoods in their new communities.