Village Entrepreneur
Village Entrepreneur Program: Cambodia and Timor-Leste

The Village Entrepreneur program is a grassroots project that educates the most disadvantaged villagers in how to run their own business. The goal of this program is for the participant to build a successful micro-enterprise and become financially sustainable within three years.

The participants are identified by earning less than $2 a day and by being unable to access capital to support themselves and their families. To lift them out of the poverty cycle, we educate participants in how to run their own micro-business and then provide them with the required resources for successful operation.

Quarterly training and monitoring is tailored to deliver the relevant knowledge and skills in areas such as agriculture or farming, as well as to help formulate business plans and financial skills. Micro-businesses are typically focused on pig, chicken or duck farming but also include other professions such as grocery selling, hairdressing or motorbike repairing. With the support provided, the goal is for Village Entrepreneurs to have a fully sustainable business within three years.

The program is financed by connecting villagers to an everyday Australian who provides a monthly contribution to them and their business. These supporters are known as Community Investors and are updated every quarter on the progress of their Village Entrepreneur. This is in the form of a report which includes details of the expenditure, savings and profits from their business operations.

To find out more about Village Entrepreneur or become a supporter go to VE.ORG.AU