We have been working with communities in the Asia Pacific for over 45 years. Our programs focus on helping people lift themselves out of poverty through economic, employment, education and enterprise-related programs.

We help ultra-poor people participate in their local economies through the development of micro-enterprises, financial literacy education and the development of village savings banks where they can save their money safely and securely.

Explore our work below:

Where we work

Explore where we work across the Asia-Pacific region.

How we combat poverty

We help people break out of the poverty cycle by providing knowledge, skills and resources to manage their money and equip the next generation.

Building financial cooperatives

We build, develop and promote grassroots financial cooperatives across the Asia-Pacific providing a safe place to save money and take out loans.

Financial education

Rather than simply providing people with money, we teach them how to use it wisely.

Micro-business development

Our Village Entrepreneur program is all about helping the poor to help themselves achieve a better life through starting a micro-business.

Gender and disability inclusion

Empowering men and women to be able to access financial services regardless of gender, mobility or ethnicity.

Disaster relief and rebuilding

With disaster relief funds from our supporters we were able to help cooperatives recover and rebuild after the the Typhoon Haiyan disaster in the Philippines.

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