Inclusive development

It is important to CUFA that the entire community benefits equally from our development programs. To do this, we encourage awareness of and the participation of marginalised groups, respecting the diversity of each individual community and its members.

Did you know that of our Village Entrepreneurs over 70% are women and 5% have a disability?

Gender Inclusion Gender refers to the roles and responsibilities of men and women created by our families, friends, societies and cultures around the world. Gender also includes expectations of things like characteristics, aptitudes and behaviours of both women and men. CUFA promote gender equality in the credit unions and financial cooperatives we develop, working to ensure that workplaces are inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory. Disability Inclusion Physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, when combined with negative attitudes or environmental barriers can hinder full and equal participation in society. These factors are even more apparent in the developing communities in which CUFA works. We make a concerted effort to ensure that adjustments are made to workplace policies and environments to facilitate equal participation. We also provide disability education in the communities and work to change attitudes and behaviours towards those with a disability.

Awareness People with disabilities and concepts of gender have often been hidden out of sight and poorly understood by the larger community. Marginalised groups have lacked a voice, and it is only an increase in awareness of barriers which will prompt effective formation of strategies to combat discrimination. Participation “Nothing about us without us” has been a long held attitude in working with marginalised groups, and we believe that inclusion of those affected by barriers is absolutely necessary in finding an answer. Working alongside victims of discrimination fosters a change in public attitude and increases understanding of the issues affecting marginalised groups. Comprehensive Accessibility Impairments become less ‘disabling’ if society makes an effort to be completely accessible and remove any barriers, whether they be physical, communication, policy, or attitudinal.

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