Sokhorn’s Success Story

We recently brought to you the story of Sophea, a former Village Entrepreneur. In this story, we bring you Sokhorn Kreong, and her life story of creating a successful micro-enterprise.

Sokhorn, like many other communities in remote Cambodia, was born into poverty, but unlike most people in her community, due to polio, she lost the use of her legs when she was a toddler. Unable to work or study, Sokhorn could only subsist on the kindness of her community. Although she lived near her relatives, they also lived in poverty. 

Cufa’s Village Entrepreneur program, however, was a pivotal point in her life, as she would be able to kickstart her dream of owning her own business. After 3 years of training, hard work, dedication and financial support from her Community Investor, her business became sustainable. Now, her thriving business allows her to have enough resources to afford for her children’s education, healthcare, purchase clothes and make improvements to her home.

At Cufa, we ensure all community members have access to our programs. As new challenges emerge, including Covid-19, we continue to adapt our programs to facilitate their delivery to our communities.