Accountability and Safeguarding at Cufa

Child Protection

Cufa takes the protection of children very seriously. Cufa has three policies concerning the protection of children:

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy

Cufa is committed to the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment. The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy aims to ensure protection against sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment of individuals and communities that Cufa works with.

Employee Code of Conduct

All Cufa representatives are required to act in an appropriate manner as outlined in the Employee Code of Conduct.

Transparency Charter

Cufa’s Transparency Charter outlines the various ways Cufa communicates how its funding and donations are spent in accordance with Cufa’s mission and values.

Non-development Activity Policy

Cufa’s Non-Development Activity Policy outlines how Cufa ensures it accurately represents its activities to all – the communities it works with, all donors and funding partners, and with the public at large.

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