Children’s Financial Literacy Program

The Children’s Financial Literacy programme is integrated into the school curriculum to make financial education an integral part of learning.

Our goal is to encourage critical saving habits and educate students on financial services. We even help them set up their savings accounts in community-owned banks.

We designed this programme in 2008 after we witnessed the community-based and individual benefits of educating and empowering children. At Cufa, we ensure that the impact of this education is lifelong and makes a meaningful difference to community life.

This programme is implemented in three stages:

Stage 1

Children are taught financial literacy in their classroom every two to three months

Stage 2

Our project officers conduct home visits to evaluate the progress made and to encourage family involvement

Stage 3

School staff are trained through workshops to ensure that the knowledge can be retaught sustainably in the long run

For the most effective learning outcomes, we use a blended learning approach using digital and print mediums, including:

Our Children’s Financial Literacy programme is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO cooperation programme.

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