Village Entrepreneur
Village Entrepreneur

Cufa’s Village Entrepreneur program is our most unique approach to supporting community initiatives. With its peer-to-peer investing model, members of the Australian public can give a Village Entrepreneur a head start to build their own micro-business and become financially sustainable within three years.

With $39 AUD a month, Community Investors help villagers who normally earn less than USD$2 a day get the education, support, and guidance they need to run a profitable micro-business and contribute to the strengthening of their community’s micro-economy. More importantly, this program enables them to provide essential services to their families such as healthcare, education for their children, sanitation, electricity and water; services that were not affordable for them before joining the program.

Many people from rural areas, for example, complement their existing skills and learn new techniques to become successful chicken, pig or vegetable farmers. Among other topics they learn about how to take care of their animals and vegetables, vaccination processes, and hygiene in their work areas. Other villagers choose to become tailors, hairdressers, bicycle repairers and many other occupations for which they receive tailored training.

Training, monitoring, and financing are provided to the Village Entrepreneurs to develop their business throughout the program. All participants are supported with a business plan and taught marketing skills along with financial skills like bookkeeping. They also have access to Cufa project officers for ongoing support if they require it. With the support provided, Village Entrepreneurs generally develop a self-sustainable business within three years.

Supporters of the program have close engagement with their Village Entrepreneur throughout the whole process, with regular communication, photos and updates every quarter on the progress of their business. Communication with Community Investors focusses on detailing the progress of the business and the life-changing impact that their support has had on the individual’s family.

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These are some of the most outstanding results we have produced in the past
1.5 years of this program

If you’d like to read more about how we measure and deliver these results please read about our methodology and
more of our programs’ impact in our Social Return on Investment Report

Village Entrepreneur
Yuth Teang’s Story
Kandal Province, Cambodia
Yuth is a mother of two in rural Cambodia. She struggled to provide her daughters with food and could not afford healthcare and an education for them. After becoming a member of her local community-owned bank she joined the Village Entrepreneur program. After 3 years in the program, Yuth developed a self-sustainable business as a chicken farmer and no longer needs support. She is now able to provide food, healthcare and even English lessons for her daughters.
“My children are the most important to me. If I do not give them an education, they will be even poorer in the future. I don’t want them to have difficulty like me.”

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