Who We Are
About Us

Poverty is often a deeply-rooted, generational issue in vulnerable communities. We believe that to combat this, skills programmes and entrepreneurial support are critical.

At Cufa, we connect changemakers, who have the ability to donate, and beneficiaries in vulnerable communities in the Asia-Pacific region through our education-based initiatives. In conducting our programmes, our goal is to replenish micro-economies with a pool of local entrepreneurs whose businesses improve the quality of life in their communities.

For every $1 you donate, an equivalent of $12.33 is offered,
in terms of value, through the many programmes set in motion for the communities we work with.



We are committed to improving the effectiveness of our programmes, which is why independent parties carry out periodic evaluations of our programmes. The recommendations from these evaluations are then adopted as a commitment to the continuous improvement of our projects.

Cufa is a signatory of the Australian Council for International Development’s (ACFID) Code of Conduct.

The code outlines principles and practices non-governmental organisations must adhere to when delivering sustainable and effective programmes. This means that we are committed to:

  • Assisting and empowering marginalised and vulnerable communities, including children, women, and people living with disabilities.
  • Child safety and protection
  • Ensuring projects have in-built environmental sustainability plans
  • Ensuring fundraising activities meet standards outlined by the ACFID Fundraising Charter
  • An open information policy where all information about us is contained in our annual reports. We are also committed to protecting sensitive, personal data.
What we stand for


We aspire for a future free of poverty in the Asia-pacific region – one where vulnerable communities have access to the resources they need to live meaningful lives.




We want to be the force that facilitates positive change through knowledge, empowerment and employment with the support of our donors and changemakers.




We are passionate, unified, and innovative when it comes to bringing about lasting change. We strongly believe that collaboration and financial education can uplift lives.


Our Performance

We are determined to facilitate real change through our initiatives. Apart from regular evaluations, we’re also committed to upholding the utmost transparency across our programmes.

To find out how we use your investments to make a difference in vulnerable communities and to see the progress we’ve made, take a look at our reports.