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About Us
Cufa is committed to improving its programs and effectiveness, and as such, staff members independent to Cufa carry out evaluations of our programs. The recommendations from these evaluations are adopted as part of Cufa’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its projects.
Cufa is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct. The Code outlines principles and practices by which non-government organisations adhere to in order to deliver sustainable, efficient, and effective programs. Cufa, in all its activities, is strongly committed to: • Assisting and empowering marginalised and vulnerable communities, including children, women, and people living with disabilities • Child safety and protection • Ensuring projects have in-built environmental sustainability plans • Ensuring fundraising activities meet standards outlined by the ACFID Fundraising Charter • An open information policy, all information about Cufa is contained in our Annual Reports. However, Cufa is also committed to protecting sensitive and personal data, for more information please read our Privacy Policy
Our vision is for communities of the Asia Pacific region to be free of poverty through economic development and self-determination
To facilitate the development of economic capacity through education, employment and enterprise opportunities to create infinite value and self-reliance.
Integrity, passion, innovation, collaboration and financial prudence.
for every $1 of donor funding invested into our development programs, $7.91 of social value has been created – 2021 Social Return on Investment Report
We’re committed to ensuring that real change is generated from our projects to create infinite value. Each year we produce an annual report to let our supporters know how the funds they donate have been used to help improve the lives of communities in the Asia Pacific region. We also carry out regular evaluations on our programs to ensure continual improvement, program effectiveness and a Social Return on Investment Report to assess the overall impact of our work. Read more about how our projects create infinite value.