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Together We Create Lasting Change

At Cufa, we are grateful to our Partners for the support of our work aimed at empowering and giving a voice to the poorest communities of the Asia-Pacific region.

When you decide to partner with Cufa, we will spend the time to get to know you, find out how you’d like to be involved and how together we can maximize the benefits of the partnership to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

A tailor-made partnership with a trusted and proven development agency will resonate with your company’s values, brand and who you are as a corporate citizen. It is also a key part of how Cufa creates lasting change for people living on less than $1.90 a day, bringing $8.07 of social return on every $1 invested into Cufa’s work.

Our Supporters

Thank you Cufa, for helping to lift 4 million people out of poverty. A small team with powerful social impact – Corin Millais, Teachers Mutual Bank.

CPA Australia is proud to have partnered with Cufa to deliver this innovative educational tool that will improve the financial literacy of children in Kampong Chhnang province – and beyond. We are confident it will have tremendous benefits for the whole community – Alex Malley, CPA Australia.

TSWG is proud to support Cufa as they strive to deliver the financial education, skills and resources that individuals in communities across the Asia-Pacific region need to break out of the poverty cycle – Dan Downs, TSWG.

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