Livelihoods Projects

Our Livelihoods Programs aim to build the skills and capacity of people living through intergenerational poverty.

Our current Family Livelihoods Improvement Program teaches the fundamentals of operating a micro-enterprise, how to re-invest profits to grow their enterprises and the technical skills needed to produce, package, market, and sell sanitation products.

Members of Community Social Enterprises, 76% of whom are women, mutually support each other with profits earned through the enterprise. Economic, employment and livelihood opportunities have allowed members and their households to weather the worst of COVID-19’s economic impacts.

Our portfolio of Livelihoods Programs includes our Myanmar Credit Union Development Program Our credit unions are community-owned financial institutions, which facilitate safe and reliable access to loan products, financial advice, financial literacy training, and savings accounts with fair interest rates.

Our credit unions are owned and run by individuals from the communities they serve, meaning that they are best placed to identify and meet their community’s needs for financial inclusion. Revenue generated by credit unions goes back into the community, initiating a positive cycle of financial inclusion and savings growth.

Through our credit union development programs, we train community members on how to run these financial institutions. We empower them with financial literacy in basic financial concepts such as bookkeeping in order to empower them to provide better services to the community.

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