Our Impact
Here at Cufa, our team has been in operation for 50 years, and in this time, our focus has been to alleviate poverty in the Asia Pacific region.

Through the power of education, employment, and enterprise support, we’ve helped inspiring individuals break the cycle of poverty, boost micro-economies, and improve the quality of life in their communities.

This is the singular impact Cufa strives to achieve through the provision of the right tools, facilities, and resources. Our focus is on addressing generational poverty and injustice at the grassroots level and delivering sustainable change, which these communities can benefit from and pass down to the next generation.

At Cufa, we believe in providing a leg-up, instead of a handout. We empower people through financial literacy, financial independence, education, skills-building, and entrepreneurship through our funded programmes. We do not make standalone donations that do little to improve the long-term prospects of the beneficiaries we work with.

Our work focusses on long-term quality of life improvement.

We ensure that the impact we have on these communities isn’t restricted by gender, ability, ethnicity or mobility. We believe in providing an equal platform for all and helping people in a way that’s both practical and uplifting.