Our Impact
Cufa has been alleviating poverty across the Asia-Pacific for over 40 years.

Cufa’s work focuses on providing the most disadvantaged people with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our programs validate the importance of education, enterprise, employment and economic institutions, such as credit unions, to break the poverty cycle.

At Cufa we emphasise development at the grassroots level of communities, directly influencing local economies in a sustainable manner. Our results have proven that this approach delivers real change and is the most effective tool in ending poverty.

Instead of providing a handout, Cufa delivers a hand up, by teaching people the benefits of sustainable-businesses, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. In other words, we focus on educating individuals to become financially independent through financial literacy programs, teaching them to manage their micro-enterprises sustainably with training and workshops, and providing financial access for those in rural areas through the creation of community-owned credit unions.

At Cufa, we ensure that all financial education received is supplemented with crucial vocational and business skills for a holistic approach. This provides even the most disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to thrive and build fulfilling livelihoods. We provide these skills throughout the Asia-Pacific to the communities that are most in need, regardless of gender, ethnicity or mobility. This increases the standard of living for countless people and creates infinite value for generations.