Teaching financial literacy

Remember when you were a child and your parents would encourage you to save your pocket money so you could buy that toy you really wanted? Little did we know it at the time, but our parents were providing us with our first lessons on savings, skills we now use everyday in our adult life.

Financial literacy is all about being smart with our money, making wise decisions about spending, savings, managing our personal debt and planning for our future. For many children across the Asia-Pacific, they aren’t taught these valuable lessons, and so the cycle of poverty continues.

Our children’s financial literacy programs provide the opportunity for children living in poverty to change their lives. Since 2008 we have provided more than 70,000 children with financial literacy training, educating them on the importance of saving and helping them build sustainable financial futures.

We work with some of the most vulnerable communities in the Asia-Pacific region, providing children with financial literacy lessons, to help them establish good savings habits and financial habits from a young age.


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