A dream becomes a reality

By Phearun Pove, Children’s Financial Literacy Coordinator and

By Alison Darcy, Project Officer CUFA

Street children from Anjali’s House Organization, Cambodia will soon receive financial literacy lessons, through an extension of the CUFA Children’s Financial Literacy Program, to help them save for a better future thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts and determination of Heather Prenter a 2013 CUFA Challenger.

Having seen first-hand through the challenge program how financial literacy can really inspire and encourage children to save for a better future, Heather set herself an ambitious fundraising target to support another cause close to her heart, street children from Cambodia’s Siem Reap area.

And this week, Heather’s dream will become a reality with CUFA project officers providing financial literacy training to more than 100 underprivileged street children from the Anjali House Organization.

Anjali House is a non-profit organization providing free food, healthcare and education to under-privileged street kids and their families in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Before Anjali House was established many of these children were unable to attend public schools, either because they were required to work to support their families or their parents could simply not afford to send them to school.

The money raised by Heather will be used to teach these children about basic financial literacy; skills that will help motivate them to develop long and short term savings habits that will ultimately help them save and make sensible financial decisions for a brighter future.

CUFA’s project officers will deliver five financial lessons as well as copies of CUFA’s Ronnie the Riel lesson booklet to the students aged between 9 and 20. Given the wide age range, our project officers have been busily preparing new content and activities to keep the students challenged, interested and motivated to learn.

Our project officers are really excited to teach the students from Anjali House with this important life skill; and the whole CUFA team would like to congratulate Heather on her passion and dedication to continue supporting CUFA’s work to empower communities through financial literacy.

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