A Successful Clothes Seller

The impact from Covid-19 to the Cambodian economy is evident, the road leading the nation’s capital remains quiet these days. Like many in Australia in 2020, Sreypov has been working from home but has been having a different experience to the rest of us. Her clothing shop, which she operates out from the front of her house, gives her the opportunity to tackle the housework whilst supporting her family financially. Before joining the Village Entrepreneur Program, Sreypov struggled to provide enough food for her family, needing to borrow from a private lender to send her children to school. After talking it over with a community member in the local government, Sreypov decided to join the Village Entrepreneur Program.

Over the year since joining the Village Entrepreneur Program, Sreypov has seen her daily income double, meaning she can send her children to school and provide them the nutrition they need to excel in life. She has already expanded her selection of clothing sold and is already looking to acquire a loan from her local credit union to increase the range even further.

The pandemic, however, has been felt in her community, and she has needed to adapt her marketing to suit a more de-generalised customer base. The customers who came on through the trucks have all but dried up, but Sreypov is not phased. Her years training and relationship with the local credit union has meant that she has saved up enough to offset the losses.