A University Dream

According to the World Economic Forum, Cambodia ranks 124th out of 137 countries with access to Tertiary Education, and only 10% of the population has access to a Tertiary Education. For many, it is a dream that will be an insurmountable task. For Sophy, it has been a lifelong dream that for a long while, she thought she might not have achieved.

After finishing High School, Sophy had to work in the local rubber plantations, supporting her family. For many in Cambodia, this is a common occurrence, children working with their families from a young age with 68% of Young Women ages 16-24 are employed.

As part of our response to COVID-19, Cufa transitioned its Recycling Plastics Livelihoods Program to producing soap through Community Enterprises. Sophy jumped at the chance to join her local enterprise, in the hopes of earning extra income but also expanding her financial literacy.

“When I joined, I thought I had a chance to learn new skills and produce soap by myself, something I have seen my family pay a lot of money for. Now after the training, I can produce soap for my community and sell it at an affordable price”.

Now Sophy wants to make her dream come true and is actively saving what she makes from her soap business to pay for her university studies. She hopes to study marketing and hopes to be able to support her family in her future career.