A Young Student on a Mission

For Wah, school is her favourite place, getting to see her friends and play games. School, however, isn’t all fun and games, as the lessons she learns in class set her up for life. Cufa’s Children’s Financial Literacy Program add to her current learning plan, giving her the skills she needs for her future. Along with her classmates, she learns about the ways in which just saving a small amount a day can give her big returns in the future. Thoughts of a bicycle or a new toy no doubt come to the mind of Wah when she learns about savings.

Cufa’s Children’s Financial Literacy Program have made an immediate impact on Wah and her classmates. “As soon as I attended the CFL Program, I realized that I should not waste my money on buying snacks anymore, as I have now learnt to save money and the benefits of long-term savings”

Wah, along her classmates, feel the commitment to pass on this knowledge to their communities. Among these, her father who Wah constantly encourages to save for their family’s future.

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CFL TMBL 10th Anniversary

On the 12th of July, Cufa convened a special event in Phnom Penh to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our Children’s Financial Literacy (CFL) program.

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