Action on Poverty: a Gender and Climate Change workshop

In the last week of February, Action on Poverty (AoP), a proud partner of CUFA, conducted a workshop on Gender and Climate Change in the Tha Yat Chaung Village in Myanmar. 

Kwaw Zin Myo, CUFA’s Myanmar Country Program Manager documents the success of the collaboration:

This village is also home to the Women-focused Self-help Groups Program, also funded by AoP, who joined the workshop. There were a total of more than 30 members from 3 Women focused self-help Groups, plus village chiefs and the community leader who joined the workshop.

The 3-day workshop gave the Village useful knowledge on Climate Change and Gender roles. The workshop consisted of a Gender session on the first day, a Climate Change session on the second day, and a combination of the two issues on the final day.

Mr Jerry delivered the Climate Change seminar, grabbing the participants’ attention with his Power Point presentation and video clips. During this session, the participants brainstormed and investigated maps together. Each group then presented their understandings of Mr Jerry’s contents to the rest of the workshop to effectively demonstrate their learning.

20170321 _ AoP trainers sharing knowledge on climate change to AFAP members.

(click on the images to enlarge them) On the Second day, Ms. Sem led the workshop and explained Gender equality. The participants gained knowledge on what gender meant to them, the varied roles of gender, equality, and same rights and same opportunities across all sectors including economic participation and decision-making.

On the last day, an establishment between Climate changes effects on Gender gave the members a full picture of the workshop. Activities continued with group discussion, team work, drawing out maps and final group presentations.

20170321 _  After finished the AoP workshop on climate change, took the group photo and everything is gone pretty well.

In conclusion, the participants clearly understood how to take part in climate adaptation to stop global warming and other effects of climate change. They now believe that if everyone unites to take a stand to try and end some parts of climate change that occurs, this world will be a safer place to live in.

The participants expressed their thanks to CUFA and AoP for this workshop for it being really useful for their livelihood.

Kyaw Zin Myo | Country Program Manager | CUFA (Myanmar)


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