An Early Valentine Gift for Chanthy Hang

How a holiday adventure turned into “a life experience we will never forget” for Community Investors Rob and Chris Nicholls

From Ratha Ra, Regional Project Support Team Coordinator

In early February 2016, Community Investors Rob and Chris Nicholls took time out during their trip to Cambodia to spend the day visiting their villager, Ms Chanthy Hang, and to see some of CUFA’s work in the community. For Ms Chanthy it brought as much pleasure as a Valentine’s gift for her and her family.

Rob and Chris have supported Ms Chanthy, a widow with two adopted children, since 2013. Their $39 monthly financial support has allowed her to set up a small pig raising business – an investment that has made a world of difference for her and her family.

Ms Chanthy lives with her children and four other family members in a village about 80km away from Phnom Penh city. But for Rob and Chris, the 2-hour drive by car through rice fields and learning more about CUFA’s work with their dedicated field guide was more than worth it.

Like all Community Investors, Rob and Chris receive a quarterly update report on Ms Chanthy’s business. But the opportunity to visit her and experience first-hand the life­changing impact they are having on her and her family, as well as whole communities, is priceless.

Ms Chanthy expressed her gratitude as she showed them around, explained how she looked after her pigs, and detailed how she used their financial support to make her business more profitable.

In turn, Rob and Chris were amazed at how her business had grown, and were deeply touched by the warmth of her greeting.

“We are really appreciative of Chanthy Hang for her very kind hospitality and the wonderful gifts she made for us.” Rob said. “We loved visiting our VE and her family and hearing about and seeing the success of her business.”

Ms Chanthy hoped that by building a sustainable business she would be able to keep her adopted children in school now and in the future. The importance of education and the potential it has to create deep change as a long term solution to poverty was a shared value between Village Entrepreneur Chanthy Hang, Rob and Chris.

The Nicholls were also given the opportunity to visit CUFA’s Children’s Financial Literacy program, where Cambodian children learn about the life­changing benefits of saving for the future.

“We also really enjoyed our time in the primary school class with such adorable children,” said Rob. “It was great to sit in the CUFA savings education session and use the tablet educational games with them.”

A life experience we will never forget

Rob and Chris were grateful for the opportunity to visit CUFA’s projects, especially their Village Entrepreneur. Being able to visit these programs up close provided a great insight into how they are run and the life­changing impact they are having on individuals, families and whole communities.

“Overall a life experience we will never forget,” said Rob. “We have told many about the great work CUFA is doing in Cambodia and other places.”

Chanthy Hang’s business would not be possible without the generous donations of Community Investors. CUFA would like to thank all its Community Investors for their support of this life-changing program.

Transform a family’s life today! It’s easy to support a Village Entrepreneur like Ms Chanthy Hang, and costs so little to make a huge difference to someone less fortunate.  See who’s awaiting YOUR sponsorship now at Village Entrepreneur website.

Thank you!


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