How your Christmas gift to CUFA can change someone’s life

You can give one final gift this Christmas that really will keep on giving. 

By donating $25 today, this is how you can transform someone’s life…

26 year old Sreyorn, was too poor to send her children to school or even put food on the table. As a young mother in rural Cambodia, Sreyorn worked hard on her small chicken and vegetable farm to earn less than $1.00 a day to support her husband and two children. This meant Sreyorn’s family sometimes skipped meals, her children were at risk of not finishing primary school, and no one in her family had access to medical services, even when her children were sick. 

Since participating in one of CUFA’s hands-on financial programs just one year ago, Sreyorn’s life has changed dramatically. She has learnt skills on how to manage her money at home and in her business, has been able to access a loan to expand her micro-business, and begun to save for the future and lift herself and her family out of poverty for good. Sreyorn and her children now imagine a different, brighter future for themselves.

With the money Sreyorn now has access to, she has been able to install solar panels for light and electricity in her small home. This means her children can now study at night, and Sreyorn can weave baskets for extra income. She is also able to afford good food for her family every day.

Making a Christmas donation to CUFA will give deserving people like Sreyorn a chance to break-out of poverty by providing them with a safe place to save their money and take out loans, helping them to create a brighter future.

Every single dollar you donate makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Please be awesome and donate what you can today to support the CUFA International Projects Fund.


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