Conservations in Development Season 2

Cufa is launching the second season of its Conversations in Development Podcast.

Hosted by Cufa’s CEO, Dr Peter Mason, this season, we will have 8 new exciting episodes that will bring new guests who can share their experience in the development sector.


Unsurprisingly, given recent events, our first episode will focus on one of the toughest challenge’s humanity has faced on the 21th century, the Covid-19 pandemic. Our conversation with our surprise guest will delve deep into the Covid 19 response from NGO’s; how do you ensure safety for your workers and the communities you are in, how long will these effects last, and does the international development and humanitarian sector need to change in response to the challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic.


While you wait, why not check out our first season of Conversations in Development. Our first season was a success, covering fascinating topics such as volunteer tourism, faith and aid, social justice and advocacy, with experts in the field of development like Tim Costello, Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia and Mahir Momand, CEO of Thrive Refugee Enterprise. You can find them here or on Google Podcast and Itunes!


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