Conversations in Development podcast

Launching at the end of this month is Cufa’s own podcast series, Conversations in Development, an open and honest discussion about issues in the foreign aid and development sector.  Co-hosted by Cufa’s CEO, Dr Peter Mason, and audio producer and journalist, Olivia Rosenman, each episode will feature a guest who is an expert in their field. Get ready to stream the podcast from 30 April, 2018! 

The first episode of Conversations in Development is “Blurring the lines between good intentions and good business” and features special guest, Antony Loewenstein. An independent journalist and author, Antony also co-produced the recent documentary, Disaster Capitalism. He joins the  Conversations in Development hosts to discuss the “business” of foreign aid. Are good intentions enough, or does there need to be more accountability?

Upcoming episodes will explore diverse themes around development covering everything from: how can refugees contribute to economic growth, child labour and supply chain, the cost of volunteer tourism, how can aid prevent conflict and much, much more!

Be inspired, entertained and intrigued by Conversations in Development,  streaming from 30 April, 2018. Visit the website: to find out more.

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