Credit unions recognised in The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organisation

By Stephanie Brown, Marketing and Communication Manager CUFA

CUFA’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Mason has co-authored a chapter on credit unions in the Asia Pacific region in a book on Alternative Organisations recently published by Routledge.

The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organisation explores a world of alternative forms of organisation that exist in contrast to traditional forms that currently comprise the world we live in. This multi-chapter book explores alternative forms of organisations as a possible answer to the cracks that have been identified in the current way of organising the world and the global economy – alternative organisations such as credit unions. The book has been compiled in the wake of the Great Recession which highlighted the flaws in current organisational structures and aims to demonstrate the array of alternative organisations that are currently operating that can challenge our way of thinking about how to structure organisations, economies and way of life.

Mr Mason was asked to co-write the chapter with Dr. Leanne Cutcher, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, because of his extensive knowledge and experience in working and studying credit unions in the Asia Pacific region. Mr Mason’s work with CUFA stretches throughout the Asia Pacific region and he is also currently completing his doctorate which focusses on the generation of social capital within financial cooperatives in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information about The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organisation click here.

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