Cufa launches its ASPIRE program

ASPIRE (the Australian Social Program for Inclusive Rural Enterprise) is a unique initiative, developed and run by Cufa. This program is designed to give local community members living in poverty, the assistance they need, through initial funding, education, local support and guidance, to develop their own small business and build financial sustainability. The ASPIRE program builds off and continues the critical work that the Village Entrepreneur (VE) performed.

Over our many years working with local communities in the Asia-Pacific region, we have developed an understanding of how essential it is to impart knowledge and develop skills to these villagers so that they can feel proud about the secure future they are creating for the next generation, all with a little help from you and Cufa. Through ASPIRE we will also refocus the entrepreneurs we work with, engaging and supporting more entrepreneurs who are living with disabilities.

The program uses the $39 monthly contribution that was used in the VE program, and now adds additional flexibility through the scope for one-off contributions to broaden accessibility.

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