Cufa’s 50 Year Book

We are proud to announce that thanks to the hard work of Greg Patmore and Mark Westcott, Cufa now has a definitive and comprehensive history of us!

The book details the 50 years of Cufa’s development, from our origins in 1971 to our modern programs in the Asia-Pacific region. It covers our long history with Credit Unions here in Australia and abroad, and how Cufa has become what it is today. Thanks to the diligent research done by Greg Patmore and Mark Westcott, the book offers in depth insights into the inner management of Cufa at key moments. Patmore and Westcott, with their deep knowledge of the Credit Union Movement, provide a robust history of the Australian, and at points global, Credit Union Movement.

Complete with images from across our 50 year history, the book tells not only Cufa’s story, but the wider story of the community minded spirit of the Credit Unions and the transformation of the industry from 1971 to 2021.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact [email protected]

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