Dreaming Big for her Family

As the sound of heavy traffic passing by the motorway announces the start of a busy morning, Sophin knows that it will be a good day for her family business. Her parents run a restaurant, whilst her grandmother sells cakes for the local community.

Sophin, just at the age of 9, is often concerned about the living condition of her family, as their financial situation has been affected by Covid-19 and their sales have declined. Luckily, as Cufa’s Children’s Financial Literacy Program arrived at her local school, Sophin did not miss a second to learn how she and her family can benefit from the program. Whilst receiving her lessons, she also wanted her entire family to see the world of opportunities a small daily saving can make.

Once Sophin knew about Cufa’s home visits, she eagerly raised her hand and asked Cufa’s field officers to visit her home. As her whole family, including Sophin are now financially literate, Sophin enjoys working more at the restaurant during her time off and helping grandma to bake some cakes. She has now become highly proactive in managing her savings and continues encouraging her beloved ones to save for the future.

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