How a single mum turned struggle into success

Life as a single mum is never easy, no matter where you live. For 59-year-old Elsa, from the village of Ritabou on Timor Leste’s border with Indonesia, bringing up her two children on virtually no income was a near impossible struggle. So when was selected for CUFA’s Village Entrepreneur (VE) program, Elsa knew it was her chance to transform her family’s life.

With the support of her VE donations, she turned the front room of her house into a small grocery kiosk and received vital business skills training like bookkeeping and stock management to build and grow her business as quickly as possible. Like all Village Entrepreneurs, Elsa benefited from regular visits and training from CUFA, which quickly identified more opportunities for her to expand.

Elsa’s business has grown so much that she has been able to buy a pig and two cows, put some solid savings in her cooperative account, and is looking forward to sending her children to university. She is also one of the most active voices in her local community, making sure she shares her experiences to encourage her entire community to succeed.

Transform a family’s life today! It’s easy to support CUFA’s Village Entrepreneur program, and costs so little to make a huge difference to someone less fortunate.


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