A Hooded Treepie chirping announces the start of a beautiful morning in Kyar Chaung. Khin, along with his wife Suu, they prepare for another productive day in their vegetable garden. Luckily, their home has been blessed with enough land to harvest vegetables in their own backyard. Despite his flourishing micro-business in selling vegetables of all kinds, Khin did not regularly budget and build his savings. It was after Cufa worked with his local community that he started to save more. A testimony to his nature is that what really peaked Khin’s interest in saving was that his savings could help his community.

“After getting some training delivered by Cufa, I made up my mind try to save money regularly because I understand my money can help to other villagers”

After finding out about Cufa’s DigiCud, Khin, along with members of his village, Khin started receiving training. Beyond the benefits of savings, Khin now feels an enormous sense of pride, as he knows his money in the savings bank will benefit the community.

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