Fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic

Teacher’s Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL), a long-time supporter of Cufa, recently undertook a workplace fundraiser for Cufa, that not only raised money, but was a fun and creative activity for the TMBL team. Due to the added challenge of a global pandemic that forced everyone to work from home they needed to create an engaging and fun activity that everyone could participate in. TMBL has done workplace fundraisers for the last several years, hosting events such as sausage sizzles, movie nights and pie your boss in the face.

The staff at TMBL figured out a creative solution they would put together dry cookie mix jars. A dry cookie mix jar, for those unaware, is what it says on the box. It’s all you need to make cookies, with exception of the wet ingredients such as egg, vanilla extract and butter.

It’s a testimony to the team that they were able to solve this logistical challenge, working with staff across the country to produce over 100 jars! Those 100 jars, plus a raffle that they generously put together, was able to raise $1,906.

This donation means a lot to Cufa. It is not just about the monetary value, it’s the effort that the TMBL team put into preparing the jars, reaching out to their colleagues and organising the logistics. We appreciate that the team, during a stressful pandemic, were thinking of those less able to help themselves. Cufa and the communities it partners with thanks the TMBL team for all their hard work and commitment during this difficult time.


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