Giving Back Is a Family Affair

For CUFSS Executive Officer Gary Eggert, a 35-year veteran of the credit union industry, making a difference to the lives of others is a family affair.

Gary and his wife Robyn each support a Village Entrepreneur in Timor and Cambodia respectively – having watched the recent successful graduation of Robyn’s first Entrepreneur, a pig raiser in Cambodia.

“We think it’s an absolutely brilliant program,” said Gary. “When you get the quarterly reports, you see exactly where the money is going – you really see it in action.”

So when Christmas came around last year, Gary and Robyn decided that the program was a great way to bring their growing family – spread across three States – closer together, and gave each of their grandchildren an ongoing Village Entrepreneur donation as a special gift.

Now grandsons Patrick (8) and Fletcher (4) in Melbourne, Levi (6) and Emerson (3) in Maroochydore, and even eight-month-old granddaughter Piper in Sydney, are part of the program.

“The older ones really look forward to receiving their reports each quarter,” said Gary. “And their parents are happy because they feel it will really help teach them about helping others.”

Why choose the Village Entrepreneur program?

“Our reason is that it’s a down to earth program,” explained Gary. “It’s reaching the grass roots in Timor and Cambodia, and it shows that it really works.

“Plus it’s a piece of cake to sign up – just fill in a form and off you go. Of course you will get a tax deduction – but you will also get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you see it in action.”

“I say – better get on board!”

Give a Village Entrepreneur Gift NOW!

It’s the gift that gives not just once, but for ever.


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