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Foresters Community Finance is an ethical lender that not only provides fast and affordable loans to people in need of assistance, they also provide loans to many small businesses.

Foresters offers two loan products specifically to assist small businesses. The Enterprise Loan is available to any type of small business needing finance to start-up or for established businesses to take their business to the next level. Whereas QuicksART, is a micro-loan designed specifically for individual artists and small-scale cultural enterprises. QuicksART loans are the first step in the ladder of loan financing for the cultural sector and Foresters encourage individuals and enterprises to consider these loans within a mixed income portfolio of grants, donations, sponsorship and earned income.

Over the years Foresters has provided loans to social not-for-profit enterprises that support the community and/or benefit the environment. Recent examples include providing micro-finance loans to a specialist sporting club to purchase new rowing sculls; various businesses providing services for the disabled including schools, dancing groups, circus troupes; and local community stores.

Foresters believes in lending responsibly an amount that they can afford to pay; to help small businesses grow and become financially successful, therefore benefiting the whole community. There is a single loan establishment fee, which can be capitalised into the loan balance. There are no hidden monthly costs or early exit fees.

Foresters mission is to lend responsibly so that all customers are treated fairly with only products that are suited to their needs and individual situation.

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