Introducing the Australian-Russian Credit Union Exchange Program

This month, CUFA chair, Margot Sweeny was invited by the Russian Credit Union League (RCUL) to the Moscow, Russia to join its 20th anniversary celebration. During this visit, Ms Sweeny and the RCUL also announced the Australian-Russian Exchange program.

CUFA’s history with the RCUL dates back to its induction in 1994 and our relationship with the RCUL has only strengthened with time. The Russian Exchange program 2014 is coordinated by CUFA in celebration of the ongoing relationship between the Australian and Russian cooperative movement as well as in response to the need for cross border relationship and learning within the cooperative movement.

The program is tailored for professionals currently working in the cooperative movements. This program supports two-way professional exchanges designed to strengthen the relationship between Russian and Australian financial cooperatives as well as broaden their professional expertise. The program is designed to facilitate idea exchanges, promote foreign language development, enhance cultural diversity and improve problem-solving skills as they relate to global financial cooperatives development and management.

Successful participants will spend 2-4 weeks in the host country to work at a financial cooperative as well as have the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders in the financial cooperative community to develop creative solutions to the challenges faced by the financial cooperatives.

The exchange program builds on the capacities of individuals and organisations to expand the existing network within the Russian and Australian financial cooperatives, as well as obtaining skills and knowledge for the benefit of the financial cooperatives and its members.

This is an unique professional development opportunity that should not be missed. For more information, please contact CUFA on 1300 490 467.

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