Join a Village Entrepreneur’s journey

Cufa’s Village Entrepreneur program let you join an individual villager on an amazing journey towards a sustainable business. This means a financially independent future, breaking the cycle of poverty for their family and future generations.
Living in poor, rural communities, Village Entrepreneurs are mothers, fathers, sisters, people with disabilities and grandparents. Cufa has supported over 440 Village Entrepreneur, with 252 reaching sustainability. We couldn’t do this without incredible supporters like you.
Thorn Un is a 57 year old grandfather, who is waiting to be supported as a Village Entrepreneur. Both Thorn and his wife work as farm labourers, supporting their young granddaughter, whose parents are divorced. Thorn hopes to expand his vegetable farmer, ensure his granddaughter gets an education, and have the possibility of retirement in the future.
Cufa helps Village Entrepreneurs set up a business plan,  become members of a local community credit union, and provides regular training and support.
Support a Village Entrepreneur and transform a life with us.

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