Kampot Reflection Workshop

Between the 16th and 18th of January 2018, Cufa hosted a three day Reflection Workshop that was financially supported by Asian Development Bank (ADB). As a part of Cufa’s Strengthening Resettlement and Income Restoration Implementation (SRIRI) program, a majority of the 98 attendees are members of resettled communities – forced to relocate after the Cambodian Government decided to rehabilitate the disused railway track that they had previously lived on.  

The workshop, held in the Kampot province of Cambodia, brought together social entrepreneurs from across the country to develop their business skills, learn more about funding opportunities, and to help establish a community that can share knowledge and experience.

Our staff in Cambodia spoke to some of the conference attendees to get a better idea about what brought them into the room.


Sean Thi

Sean Thi lives in Poipet, a rural part of Cambodia close to the Thai/Cambodia border. As a producer and seller of duck eggs, Sean Thi was able to learn about the role of community in establishing and maintaining a successful social enterprise.

When asked what she liked most about Cufa’s programs, Sean spoke largely of the ability to work as a part of a group. “Sharing knowledge and expertise” with fellow attendees about how to build community and acquire funding for helping her business to grow has helped Sean continue to provide for herself and community back home in Poipet.


Yon Seyha

Yon Seyha is from Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. He is a youth volunteer leader.

Yon Seyha will take what he learnt at the conference to continue looking for a job; practicing his skills in communications so that he can be “ready to interview”. He tells us that he has developed his understanding of what it takes to be a successful worker in a micro-enterprise, and feels better prepared for the realities of working as an employee.

The highlight of his experience at the Reflection Workshop was role-playing. He believes that the chance to step into someone else’s shoes has provided him with knowledge about key concepts in micro-enterprise.

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