Kevin Yates Awards Opportunity to Kiribati Now Open

Applications now open for the Kevin Yates Awards

Are you considering becoming a professional/skilled volunteer?

Do you want to contribute to international development?

Would you like to make a difference?

CUFA along with the Australian Credit Union Archives presents a unique chance for you to engage your passion to make a difference, by utilising your professional skills in providing technical assistance in Kiribati. Through the Kevin Yates scholarship (valued at $3,500) you will be able to share your knowledge with developing credit unions. This exceptional opportunity is available to directors, CEOs and managers within the Australian customer owned banking movement.

The Kevin Yates award has been kindly shared with CUFA by the Australian Credit Union Archives with the aim of continuing the spirit of volunteerism, which has been integral in the development of the Australian Mutual sector, with developing movements oversees.

The Kevin Yates scholarship was created to acknowledge those that voluntarily contribute to the promotion of the Credit Union Principles. Kevin Yates advanced the credit union principles and brought access to financial services such as savings and loans to communities that would have not otherwise had access.

Technical Assistance opportunity in Kiribati

CUFA has received a request from the Kiribati Ministry of Cooperatives for a skilled volunteer to assist with establishing audit reporting, manuals, financial policies as well bookkeeping within the Kiribati cooperative movement.

Kiribati (pronounced KEE-ree-buhss) is an independent, island nation located in the central Pacific Ocean. The nation comprises of 33 atolls in three main groups that run 4,000 kilometres along the equator. The population stands at 104,488, with the majority of the population living in Tarawa, the country’s capital.

Kiribati faces several development challenges. These include high child mortality, low access to drinking water, and high population density on Tarawa[i]. Furthermore, Kiribati is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and rising sea levels with its low-lying islands. Additionally, there is a constrained amount of economic growth opportunities.


  • You are a Director, CEO or Manager.
  • You have been engaged with the Australian customer owned mutual movement for over 5 years.
  • You are able to show a demonstrated commitment to the sector’s principles and philosophies.

Further information:

  • Program Duration: 9 days
  • Program Date: Before 15 June 2015
  • Positions available: 1
  • Sponsored by Australian Credit Unions Archives
  • Applications close: 10 April 2015

For an online application form, please CLICK HERE

[i]. DFAT

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